Internal Auditor Skills and Responsibilities

Internal Auditor job is the top most accounting job particularly to persons who possess the certification as an internal auditor. Those who have the global CIA certification are most welcome to this job. The areas of internal auditor vary in organization broadly. The major topics for an internal auditor to look at are internal control, check on reliability of  financial reports, investigating frauds, protect company assets, ensuring compliance of laws and regulations.


  • A bachelors degree and a 2 years of relevant experience with a CIA certification or a CPA certification.
  • Good Knowledge in GAAP principles, GAAS standards of accounting, government accounting standards.
  • Good mathematical skills, analyzing and reasoning abilities, interpretation of complex journals, reports and  legal documents.
  • Basic computer skills with MS-Office, Excel, Word etc.


  • Evaluate and examine policies,procedures and systems in the organization, evaluate the integrity and reliability of  information on the reports.
  • Review of policy and procedural compliance of the organization.
  • Report the findings and advise management  on further developments and process improvements for an excellent accounting process.
  • Should be part of internal control  development  intiatives.
  • Should demonstrate high professional ethics , good judgement and act individually without any force.
  • Incorporate continuous development of the current operating system through training and accountability.
  • Should have good job relationships with external auditor.
  • Attend staff,board, management meetings and provide valuable suggestion to accouting related issues.