Responsibilities of Invoice Processor job.

If you are searching for an Invoice processor‘s job, just know about the job in general.

A person who  applies  for  Invoice processor job must be analytically strong and should have complete knowledge about invoice processing. Ideally speaking Invoice processor should have come from an accounting background.

Invoice processor common duties are verifying tax data, check whether there is bounce backs and should be able to handle wide variety of scenarios in which each invoice is processed. Soft skills like ARIBA or SAP will do great in searching for a job.

Invoice Processor Job responsibilities

  • Follow up a process of invoice both Internals and external
  • Archiving of Invoice data according to its categories.
  • Able to work with different environments handling multiple clients and contacts for each invoice.
  • Able to find and spot the invoices which don’t have PO or the documents which doesn’t contain PO.
  • Keep track on slow approvals.
  • Act as a Tax Bot for the company/organization.
  • Approval / Research and Rectify errors on Charge Code and other type GL Code errors.
  • Additional responsibilities such as filing contracts, handling client requests, able to handle databases related to vendors of the company.

Above responsibilities for Invoice Processor Job are general , it will vary according to each organization and country.