Job duties of a Cisco Network Engineer |Know about Cisco Networking Jobs

Working in Cisco is really a pleasure because it is one of the Leading networking companies in the world.  Most of the people working in Cisco are CCNA certified network engineers, that is the basic qualification to enter Cisco.

Job duties of a Cisco Network Engineer

  • Ability to create new network design and ability to assess the network requirements and suggest recommendations based on the requirements to the management.
  • Co-ordinate, configure and Install  network configurations, software‘s etc.  Configure switches, routers and make sure the cables are connected properly is one of the duty of Cisco Network Engineer.
  • Ability to create  back up strategies for the data and recovery plan for the network.
  • Develop designs with 100% Network security and ability to maximize the usage of  equipments given by Cisco such as Routers,  Hubs, Switches. etc.
  • Monitoring the network is another duty and  give prompt support when any issue pops up.
  • Promptly report to management about the Network Performance reports, Current status of the Network on time.
  • Analyze traffic behaviors  to great extent and Find  out the issues and solve it.
  • It is the duty of a Network Engineer to do performance analysis, proper planning and testing is needed.

These are the general duties of a Cisco Network Engineer.