About Skills and activities of a Landscape Architect

A landscape architect makes outdoor places look with great beauty and useful ones. A landscape architect decides on the places where to put trees, flowers, grass, walkways and other landscaping activities such as keeping the sports field from getting squelchy etc.

Skills  for a Landscape Architect:

A degree in t he field of landscape architecture or a related study.

Landscape architects needs to be registered or licensed with the state in which they work.

The major and natural skill required for this job is the irresistible love for nature and to be creative and should possess artistic talents.

A good communication skill is required to disseminate the architectural ideas to their talk group or clients.

The architect must have knowledge of Computer Aided design systems to draw their architectural plans.

Activities of a Landscape Architect Job:

Analysis of the nature of the area around which the job is assigned. E.g.: the weather, the water, the plants that grow in the place etc..

Detail analysis of existing buildings , walkways and roads has to be done before  drawing the architectural plan of how they are going to present the place assigned to them.

Prepare sketches, photographs and models  to explain their  thoughts over the project.

Must estimate the cost required to incorporate their ideas and get their thoughts approved.

Prepare list of required materials and disseminate ideas and  convey other workers  where and how to do the construction  that is mentioned in the design.