M&A Advisor

Who is an Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor (M&A) Advisor

An M&A advisor is a person working for any organization providing advisory services regarding Mergers and Acquisitions of firms, the management strategy support, the business reproduction, the project finance, privatization, and the business reform, etc.

Skills Required:

An M&A advisor must at least possess an MBA degree either in business strategy or  finance specialty, should have interest in the M&A area,He/she should have skills to manage relationships in the arena of professionals like lawyers dealing with bankruptcy, bond holders and other investors who are distressed,should have the necessary skills to maintain a good relationship between them. Persons with business experience relating to M&A matters,and business reorganization in any operational or manufacturing or trading companies or who have experience in Accounting consulting firm or experience in an Audit firm or a strategy consulting firm and have a good English skills to interact with people globally  at the business level are suited for this job.


The major responsibilities include Proposal of choices in financial strategy such as  whether it is necessary to do M&A, execution of matter, and plan of improvement of corporate value etc.,

Effective M&A due diligence for decision making process and support decisions with apt data, Capacity to represent both buyers and sellers and meet their requirements within the given timeline according to the requirements of each firm and should have enough knowledge to handle domestic and cross border M&A transactions.