About Job responsibilities of Marine Design Engineer

This job is most suitable for candidates who have done courses in Marine Engineering and have a flair to work on solutions for marine engineering issues and work on projects involving designing of ship’s system.

Roles of Marine Design Manager:

Most Marine designing involves creating and developing of major single-line diagrams,lighting design calcs, analysis of electrical load, power and lighting distribution designing, communication system designs, ensuring safety system designs, maintaining the design systems  to comply with legal standards, ensure proper maintenance of the ships have been carried out in time.

Requisite skills:

  • Must have an apprenticeship from recognised engineering institutions.
  • Ability to manage staffs in the crew.
  • Should have a good understanding of plants, equipments & maintenance of building services.
  • Good analytical ability and good decision making skills
  • Must possess computer knowledge with use of data stream,MS-Word,Excel, project etc.
  • Preparation of reports on project delivery.
  • Must handle delivery strategies,procurement,construction, maintenance etc.
  • Should actively take  part in the team that does  research and development on Cost effective methods.
  • Must have team building capacity.