Medical Record Analyst Responsibilities and duties

Maintaining of the medical records of the patients is a responsible job in the hospitals in a view of future reference by the doctors regarding the health stages of a patient. Medical record technician or clerk undertakes this major responsibility.

They were also assigned to preserve the hospital’s records like types of disease they have treated, number of patients undergone treatment, usage of hospital beds, reports of inquiries from law institutes and MoUs certification records which they have signed with the foreign hospitals as well as health insurance companies, etc. They are considered as the administrator of the hospital reports.

Responsibilities of a Medical Record Technician:

  • They have to keep tracking the patient’s health information and have to compile their records in the database of the hospital.
  • Medical history of the hospital as well as the health of the patient to be stored for future reference.
  • They have to prepare a complete chart stating the tests and therapies undertaken by the patient within the hospital for the doctors to refer for further treatment.
  • They have the role of supervising the health information assistants and clerks recording medical transcription.
  • They should effectively manage the Medical records Department technically in the sense, they should upload the data into the system database using computers.

Aspirants wishing to take this post should know about the nature of work and their responsibilities for efficiency in this job. Good Luck!