Online Marketing Course

Courses in Online or Cyber Marketing

Online marketing has now turned out to be a vital fragment of e-commerce as well as the World Wide Web related businesses. Online marketing refers to a expertise of magnetizing potential customers  to your/company’s products or services through such means as websites, emails, SMS, faxing, call center direct marketing etc to improve the revenue generation capacity of the products.

To Whom are these Courses Offered


To people working in areas like marketing, sales and operation, e-commerce, support marketing, e-business programs, consumer profitability analyses professionals etc with at least 2 years of working experience on their respective profession.

Course Objectives:

 Class Duration:  24-30 hours

  • – Strategies as well as tactics involved in online marketing
  •  Way of crafty advertising campaign and advertising banner
  • How to utilize email marketing, blog ads, viral marketing, and Google ads
  • What is search engine optimization (SEO) and how to increase web visitor count through SEO?
  •  Web marketing tools
  •  How to boost the value of your business using management systems
  • How to organize E-Business strategies to compete with your rivals
  •  How to employ different data to gain competitive benefits

Practical workshops, case studies.

On successful passing of a 2hours online exam, the candidate will be given EC-Council’s Certified E-Business Professional (CEP) and that’s your beginning for a lucrative career.