Top Nine OpenStack Developer Qualities & Skills to do this Job

What is OpenStack?

Openstack refers to a collection of software tools that in managing and building basically on cloud platforms.

What are the basic pre-requisite skills for this job?

OpenStack developer must have these pre-requisites skills for this job.

  • Must have strong experience in Java
  • Knowledge about Vmware, Virtualization
  • Knowledge and Experience with Python and Ruby
  • Experience and knowledge with supplementing Javascript Framework such as Node JS, Angular & Backbone JS
  • Strong knowledge of using the components in OpenStack such as Neutron, Nova , Swift, Cinder, Horizon, Keystone, Glance, Ceilometer and Heat
  • Linux or Unix software development experience

Top Eight OpenStack Developer Responsibilties to do this Job

    • Ability to work on multiple CPU architectures
    • Ability to work on multiple CPU architectures
    • Ability to develop applications using OpenStack CLI commands
    • Experience with Linux and Unix Scripting with Python and Ruby development experience is a plus
    • Must have the understanding and knowledge of how Agile / Scrum methodologies work
    • Experience in developing cloud based applications and work with tools such as Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence
    • Knowledge and Experience working with RestFul API, knowledge on creating YAML/ Ansible files
    • Good understanding of DevOps Environment
    • Strong Programming knowledge and experience working with Javascript, Javascript frameworks such as Node,Angular and BackBone Js, ExtJS, SOAP, Ruby, Python, JSON and XML

Openstack developer is a key position to fill and this job is getting huge demand as many telecom companies need an OpenStack developer to develop applications on cloud platforms. This article represents the generic skills that are required for the job, these skills varies from job to job, client to client and country to country.