Top roles and duties of operations manager

Job description of operations manager

The Operations Manager is purely responsible for the improvement in operational system of any organization. The operations manager has to take responsibility of data entry work, employment payroll, payable accounts, administrate HR of the organization. The operations manager should help in creating program budgets involving in group effort with the program directors and ED.

Top roles and duties of operations manager:

  • Must lead the organization and provide development in short term and long term operations performed.
  • Must interact with the directors and maintain operations by directing all activities which are performed daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Responsible for the development of workforce.
  • Review performance of the team members and responsible for conducting training or development opportunities for them.
  • Support production plans by delivering inbound and outbound pallet activities.
  • Responsible for material handling, storage and dispatching.
  • Ensure effective planning and execution of operations and has to reduce waste levels and achieve milestones and requirements of the organization.

Requirements for operations manager:

  • Must possess required graduate degree in related disciplines like manufacturing, operations or any business with minimum knowledge of all fields of factories.
  • Must have leadership quality and capable of providing coaching.
  • Must possess strong communication and interpersonal skills.

Operations manager belongs to the management side of any organization, hence plays an important role in development of both employers and development of the management.

Note:this article is for informational purposes only, the operation manager duties might vary according to each company and industry. The above information can only be taken as a guideline.