Duties and Work Nature of Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Industry has a universal market, and it is considered as one of the top industries in the world. Countries supplying petroleum is listed in the richest countries globally without any doubt as the demand of this non renewable resource is hiking and its cost also gets boosted invariably. Thus the employees engaged in this industry have no worry regarding their career profits. Engineers involved in the respective industry can have a respectful job.

A Petroleum Engineer is a master of design and a supervisor as well in the extraction process of the crude petroleum from the existing oil wells. They design the method of extraction and also the equipments used for the process. Their main objective is to determine the oil existence under the ground level by detail study on the topography of the location from the geographical satellite imageries.

Duties of a Petroleum Engineer:

  • They have to do a vast study using geographical information systems to locate the petroleum existence and need to prepare a project report describing about the site.
  • They should determine the slopes and ground water level in the same territory where petroleum is found existing, in order to avoid the intrusion of ground water with the oil during the extraction process.
  • Necessary field tests have to be made before commencing the extraction, whether the suitability of the land is good for extraction or not.
  • They have to estimate the cost of work after concluding the solution from various aspects of analysis.

Area of occupation:
A Petroleum Engineer finds a prominently place in Petroleum Industries aided by central government if not they have opportunities in the firms involved in designing the equipments required for petroleum industry. The Third apt option for them is to employ as a professor or lecturer in an educational institution to teach the upcoming generations about the field and researches that can be made in the future.

Status of work:
They need to travel across various countries to submit the project proposals after intense research in the respective organization that has been established globally. Responsibility is one of their vital factors.

Educational prerequisite:
Bachelor of Engineering in Petroleum with the knowledge in designing software is preferred mostly for the above designation by many companies.