Responsibilities, Skill set and duties and responsibilities of production support specialist.

Production support specialist

Job – Overview

This is a challenging high pressure job, only individuals who are having at least 2 years of experience in doing customer support can handle this job.  A Bachelor degree in IT or computer science would be ideal for this job.  Basically this job demands the individual to have a thorough knowledge about the principles of customer service.

Description of the job (Production support specialist):-

A production support specialist has to co-ordinate effectively with all the support groups / systems and sub-systems to ensure the data is transferred safely.
Production support specialist must interact with another customer support group within the organization. Job holder must be experienced to deal with complex inquiries raised by customers from various sources and job holder must have the ability to solve production issues.

Responsibilities of this job

  1. Work well with the customer support groups  , educate  the customers and make them do the tasks on their own
  2. Gathering information and also do research and able to perform scope analysis.
  3. Job holder should have the ability to solve the customer requests on time.
  4. Efficiently do multi-tasking where the job holder will have to handle multiple customer requests from various sources.

Necessary Skill set for this job

  • Self Motivated  ability to do multi-tasking efficiently
  • Communication skills backed up with strong technical knowledge about the relational database, networking, UNIX platform, Solaris and must know about encryption technologies like PGP and MD5.
  • Ability to troubleshoot issues and able to handle different types of customer inquiries.
  • Good knowledge on networking, networking protocols,SQL, UNIX, SOLARIS, relational databases , know about the table commands etc.
  • A bachelor degree in computer science and  with a minimum of 2 years of experience in technical  customer support will be enough for this job.