Generic Skills and Duties of a Psychologist

Psychologists are scientists who study human behavior. Their job involves teaching, social service and research in schools, government agencies, companies and clinics. Many Psychologists are in private practice. Clinical psychologists are of great help to emotionally or mentally unsound people in understanding their problems and coping with it. Psychiatrists differ from psychologist as the latter is not a physician.

Qualifications and Skills

  • A bachelor degree in psychology or related field. Those who wish to work as school psychologist must have specialist degrees and at least 1 year of internship experience.
  • Must have emotionally stable mindset, should be intelligent enough and have the communicative skills to communicate and move with all kinds of people.
  • Should be keen and ready to update their skills to current market standards and advancements along with flair to research.


  • Working conditions for a psychologist vary widely according to their nature of work and the people involved. Generically, their responsibilities include
  • Must be ready to do Researching which might be laboratorial or in the field. When combined with teaching researching takes up a lot of time to which the psychologist must be flexible.
  • Should be soft and kind towards medical and surgical patients who need to cope with their injuries or illnesses.
  • Should exercise utmost caution and care in handling mentally or emotionally unstable persons, school children and professional people.