What are psychometric tests and its Categories

Psychometric tests are tests which is now used by big companies to really know about the employees behavioral patterns.  Before applying for a jobin a top most company as a candidate you must really know about the tests and try to practice more and master it.

Basic categories of Psychometric Tests

  • Tests pertaining to Personality and Career
  • Tests pertaining to Skills and Aptitude

Tests pertaining to Personality and Career

Career improvement Test
You can search the web and find out sample tests about personality and career. This tests are useful for freshers.

Interview Personality Test

This test will help a candidate to attend an interview professionally, without any hiccups definitely if you take several tests you will know what to do and what not to do on an interview, this is a good psychometric test which is very useful for freshers.

Professional Profile Test

This test will help to identify the skills and effectivness of the individual who take this test. This is not for freshers but  for people have 1 to 2 years of experience.

Tests pertaining to Skills and Aptitude

Management skills test

This test is mainly for managers, this test will help to increase the ability to manage more professionally.

Marketing Aptitude test

This test is very useful for people who are in the field of marketing or sales.

Emotional Balancing Test

Whatever job you do, you need to control your emotions , and work according to the given responsibility Emotional balancing test will help you do the work effectively without being affected by emotional reasons.

These Psychometric  tests are very important for any individuals who are applying for a job at any positions