QA analyst job skills and responsibilities

Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst

A QA Analyst or Engineer is people who designs, creates and tests real-time scenario’s with the new software’s and provide quality assurance to the companies incorporating the software in their organization.


  • Must have the basic SQL skills and good experience in automated testing tools.
  • Should possess experience in database concepts and defect tracking tools.
  • Should have good analytical and problem solving capability using the modern testing methodologies, SDLC etc.
  • Must have the capacity to understand the QA processes and work in the software environment.


  • Implementing and providing inputs for test plans.
  • Designing and creation of test cases and scenarios for software testing.
  • Perform functional testing, regression testing and keep track of all the new developments.
  • Use bug tracking software’s to track and report problems.
  • Producing the evaluated test reports and take part in software walkthrough.

Motivation of team members and organizing meetings.

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