Research assistant job duties | Qualification and Skills of Research Assistant

This position requires good communication skills apart from the academic qualification, research is the general word and it applies to all the industry. The experience must be industry oriented to qualify for this job. Let us see the list of duties of Research assistant.

Duties of Research Assistant

There will be a given scenario of handling multiple tasks, individual who are apply for a job as Research assistant must be able to handle multiple tasks easily and also give the desired output to the management of the organization.

  • Complete the tasks on time
  • Ability to research according to the guidelines of the company and produce results within a time frame
  • Should be a team player and work with the team and get the desired results.
  • To Do research study, a research assistant mustĀ  collect materials related to the study.
  • Research assistant will be an assistant to the professor in the college or in other case a researcher must obey to the superior and should really make the researcher life easier.
  • Research assistant has the duty to really analyze how much it cost to do the research, as the funding is an important aspect, must help the researcher with the data of funding.
  • Must record all the works by the researcher like surveys, interviews with people, a research assistant must compile everything and put it as a record and should be able to submit it when a researcher requires any clarification about the research.

These are the general duties of a Research Assistant, these duties might vary according to the industry.

Qualification & skills of Researrh Assistant

Research assistant must be a PG graduate to qualify himself as an employee, must have strong command over English, must haveĀ  communication and interpersonal skills.