Top ten responsibilities and Generic duties of a Channel Manager.

Channel manager is a broad term used in the industry, Channel manager is a highly responsible job you will given a wide range of responsibility starting from  Recruiting candidates , managing and guiding them to success.

List of responsibilities for a channel manager

1. Recruiting is the primary job for a channel manager, recruitment of highly qualified individuals and manage them for affiliate recruiters.

2. Channel Manager is responsible for creating sales for the company

3. Channel Manager is responsible for maintaining excellent relationship with resellers of internal departments of the company.

4. Communication skills is very necessary to a good channel manager, Channel manager is responsible for all communication  of all channel activities with resellers / Affiliate Recruiters.

5.  Responsible for designing market plans to improve the market share of the company.

6. Responsible for Training  affiliate recruiters/ resellers how to effectively sell your company products.

7.  Find bad resellers/ affiliate recruiters and terminate their affiliation or reseller rights.

8. Develop training materials, create presentation for resellers and affiliate recruiters.

9. Developing newsletter and publish channel activities to resellers and affiliate recruiters.

10.  Do all the facilities  for ex.,  Providing software‘s/ any other IT enhancement that will help recruiters or resellers to sell your product effectively.

Basic job requirements for Channel Manager

1. Individual must have good command over his/her communication skills.

2. Must have at least 5 to 7 years of  industry related experience in sales and Management .

3.  Channel manager must be highly motivated and should have leadership qualities and managing people skills.

4. Channel manager must be willing to travel many places to meet resellers, recruiters develop relationship with them

These are the general responsibilities and general requirements for the job Channel manager, the responsibilities and duties will dynamically change according to the industry.