Responsibilities and Skills required forTechnical Product Manager

Technical product manager is for experienced individuals who have well-versed knowledge about Product management or development. This is a high-paid salary, and the Individual holds a senior position in the company.  Technical product manager will be assigned with the following responsibilities.

Responsibilities of Technical Product Manager:

Basically, this work is everything to do with product management, and individual must have experience to do these following responsibilities.

Technical Product Manager must have thorough knowledge about the company’s products strengths and also should have knowledge about the other competitors for the product.

  • Ability to develop a new road map strategy starting from the release of the product to the end stage and also upgrade the features of the product which matches with the requirements of the customers who are buying your product.
  • Responsibility to find out the important inputs and needs of the customers about your product through many ways and enhance the product features according to the requirements of the customers.
  • Creating innovative product ideas, which will attract more customers to buy the product. Responsibility is to search and find out new opportunities to market the product.
  •  Interact with the other product development team members, such as product designers or product architects and communicate about what the end customers expecting from the product and communicate the changes to the product development team and get it done.
  • After upgrading the product which will meet the customer requirements, the next job is to derive the benefits and advantages that a customer gets when buying the product and also do competitive analysis on various other competitors’ product and preparing technical documents to explain about how this product differs from other products to the end customers.

Skills required to become a Technical Product Manager:

  • Most of the top-notch companies looking for Individuals in Technical Product manager are expecting at least 5 to 10 years of experience in Product management. Some companies even offer this position for people who have 3 to 5 years of experience.
  • A person applying for this job must have some kind of a Business degree, MBA will be an ideal choice for the companies to award you this job. Basic qualification for this job is a bachelor’s degree.
  • Experience in handling market driven products and the ability to understand the needs of the customer on the base of their inputs about the product. Knowledge about the product development life cycle is necessary in handling this job.
  • Business analysis skills are important for this job and the individual must be a team player.
  • Excellent Communication skills is a must for this job, because the Technical Product manager must communicate the needs of the customer to the product developer team and efficiently upgrade the product which matches up the expectations of the customers.

The responsibilities will definitely change according to the company and the type of economy and country you are working. If you have knowledge in product management and experience you will contribute hugely to the company’s credibility in releasing quality products that meet customer’s demand.