About Skills and Responsibilities of Sales and Marketing Assistant

Sales and Marketing Assistant is  a person who provides  admin support to the staff‘s of  Sales and Marketing Department. This article gives a brief duties and responsibilities for the job.

Skills Required:

  • Bachelors degree and 1-2 years of experience in the sales and marketing field.
  • Experience or interest in Media, Internet, publishing, software sales and marketing
  • Ability to read,Analyze professional journals, periodicals and knowledge of govt. regulations and requirements.
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Duties and Responsibilities of Sales and Marketing Assistant

  • Research and analyze  market conditions and opportunities.
  • Map potential customers and competitors for the product.
  • Promote initial follow ups for sales prospects of the product.
  • Co ordinate with the marketing,sales, technical and administrative departments.
  • Good handling and preparation of sales status reports in MS-Office Word, Excel etc.
  • Maintain hard copies  and electronic filing systems.
  • Conduct and coordinate marketing employee meetings and conferences.
  • Develop procedures for up gradation , research and analysis, target advertising  etc.
  • Develop pricing structure and the various payment options.
  • Develop procedures for E-Marketing and Internet advertising and all other forms of sales and marketing.
  • Help and support other staff’s of the project to enable good quality work