Essential key qualities of SAP Project Manager

SAP Project manager should have the following the qualities to complete a SAP project successfully:

  • Initially he/she has to know about the requirements of the clients regarding the project.
  • Creative Analyzing – Analyze the risk factors of the project.
  • Proper Planning – Outline or blueprint of the SAP modules has to be made properly.
  • Time Management – Managing time is important in Project Management in order to finish the project on or before the due time given.
  • Excellent Leadership – Effective Leading of a group is concerned vital.
  • Clarity in Work separation – Work separation should be free partiality.
  • Joviality –Have to be interactive to all the members of the project.
  • Effective Communication –Need to possess effective communication in order to present the project presentation to the clients and the project members involved.
  • Accepting tendency – he/she has to possess the character of accepting everything that comes in between the process, either it is success or failure.
  • Positive Mental Attitude – Attitude defines ones character in worst situations likewise he/she has to be mentally positive in completing the project successfully even they come across many hurdles.
  • Pleasing Appearance – To attract clients pleasing appearance is one of the factors.