Top Eight duties of a Senior Linux Server Administrator

This type of job availability can be expected mostly with Hosting companies, who maintain their own server, Linux is especially the best choice for all the people around the world. Because the Hosting space itself is cheap, database is open source most of the people go for Linux servers for hosting and other web application purposes.

Top Eight duties of a Senior Linux  Server Administrator

  1. Able to support and train other server administrators in the organization.
  2. Troubleshooting issues arise on the Linux server is the major duty of a Senior Linux Administrator.
  3. Reviewing of  all the error logs and fixing it is another duty of this job
  4. Linux administrator is responsible for installing the necessary procedures and security tools
  5. Linux administrator duty is to upgrade the software‘s installed on to the server including upgrading virus software’s and code upgrades .
  6. Taking frequent back up of data, create new storage procedures and scheduled back up is one of the duty of this job.
  7. Ability to work with Linux friendly applications and able to troubleshoot it when issue arises from the server.
  8. Monitoring of servers is also one of the important duty of  this job.

Remember the job profile might change according to each organization, you might have added responsibilities and duties to do. This above job description is just a guideline of what Senior Linux server administrator will perform in the organization.