Top Ten Responsibilities of Senior Network Administrator

Each and every organization will have a computer network, it is very important for any organization to keep their computer network in good stand. One of the important components for running a business in today’s world is networking.  This article is going to explain about the basic responsibilities of a Senior Network Administrator.

Top Ten Responsibilities of Senior Network Administrator.

  1. He /she will be entrusted to lead a team and his/her primary responsibility will be to maintain, monitor and completely manage the networks, it can be a LAN or a WAN network. Ability to train the network administrators to carry on the job.
  2. Set permissions for access, assign different levels of access to different levels of authority.
  3. Completely block unwanted websites enabling employees not to divert from their day to day tasks and goals.
  4. Design a new network, set rules and procedures for the Network.
  5. Must maintain all the computers in good stand,  protecting each and every work station from Virus, load anti virus software and update it regularly.
  6. Monitoring and maintaining of all the Hardware and software in the organization.
  7. Complete troubleshooting of both software and Hardware problems.
  8. Provide suggestions on Hardware that needs to be upgraded, ability to analyze the hardware requirements with actual usage requirements.
  9. Develop a clear cut disaster recovery plan enabling the organization to recover from any unexpected data loss for example:Hard drive disk failure.
  10. Create new Hardware requirements and ability to design a new Plan for networking in the organization.

These are the general responsibilities of a Senior Network Administrator