Seven Responsibilites of a Product Manager

Role of a product manager

Product manager is an important role in the organization, basically, a product manager will have to be an expert in identifying the latest market trends, changes, find potential issues, and also able to analyze the competitors. Lead and create new ideas on ideas on product placement, price determination, and marketing strategies that meet the end-user requirements.

Product manager plays a vital role in bringing the new product into the market after careful research of pricing, packaging, labeling, and also by understanding the end-users.


Seven Responsibilities of a Product Manager

  1. A product manager must be able to do extensive research on various other competitive products
  2. Understand the end-user needs and position the product that surpasses competition and Designing and developing a new level of user experience and thus bringing the revenue to the organization
  3. Work or assist marketing teams on product placement, pricing strategies. Develop an exit strategy also along with the marketing development strategy
  4. Responsible for designing the strategies for the product starting from product packing, labeling, calculating the sales force, training materials and advertising.
  5. Responsible for successfully taking the product brand to the end users
  6. Closely interact with marketing teams to clear implement the product marketing and sales strategy that accurately reaches the end-users of the product.
  7. Product manager must take ownership of the product business strategy, building a great product according to the user requirements.  Few examples of how product managers understand the end-user requirements are surveys, interviews, analyzing the existing data and also understand the market in and out.

Basic qualifications for this role

  1. Bachelors degree would be sufficient enough for this job
  2. Prior experience with product strategies, marketing strategies will be an added advantage to this job.

Product manager role may differ from each industry, this is just a general role of a product manager.