Top Six Prime Duties and Responsibilities of a Head Teller

Head teller is a banking job where you need to execute many duties. These duties and responsibilities will differ from each bank and also differs from each country, following is the general duties of Head teller.

General duties of a Head Teller

Head teller is the crux of all among the employees, when Head teller performs to a professional level it helps all the other employees in bank to discharge their duties at a high level, consistent performance of Head teller is very important for this job, and this job has got various duties and responsibilities.

Top Six Prime Duties and Responsibilities of a Head Teller

  1. Primary duty and objective of a Head teller to perform consistently and increase customers satisfaction.
  2. Counting the cash is one of other duty of an Head teller, it is the most sensitive part of all the banking process, if you slip out one currency note will bring lot of confusion and problems, Head teller should do the job very carefully.
  3. Head teller should act as a leader to other tellers in the bank, he/she must guide them , train them how to do the work properly, any overage or shortage of balance must be dealt by Head teller.
  4. Must communicate all the goals and objectives to other tellers of the bank.
  5. Head teller also has the responsibility in creating new account openings and also works with withdrawals and deposits.
  6. Auditing the Bank Vault, transferring the money to the Vault is also one of the prime duty of Head Teller.

Some banks realize the importance of the position and give them high salary, to qualify for this job, a Bachelor’s degree in Finance or Master degree is enough, but this job is a very sensitive and candidates who are willing to perform consistently will really get good increments and salary.