Skillset and Responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect Planner

EAP (Enterprise Architecture Planning) is the ultimate planning  is a process to define business processes and which will help the company to scale up the performance. This process is very vital for any business to lay down business processes.

What is benefit of implementing Enterprise Architectural Planning. ?

Companies implementing the Enterprise Architectural framework has got greater benefits, as soon as it is implemented any company can see a huge difference in performance. This is a strategic planning process helps the companies to identify the gaps in the overall expected sales and the actual baseline , using this process we can integrate the business and your IT strategies together to improve performance, and this information generated by this process is shared to the management. This process helps to track the performance at cheaper costs and eventually it results in improved performance for the company.

These are the skill sets and responsibilities of an Enterprise Architect Planner


  1. You need to have leadership skills and qualities and a good team worker.
  2. Knowledge of all business process, IT latest technologies and you need to possess problem solving abilities.
  3. Must have experience on understanding business processes and should be able to implement architectural standards.
  4. Must have knowledge about project management methods and tools.
  5. Should have knowledge building block designs and system integration.
  6. Knowledge about legal aspects such as copyright and data protection, laws involved in contracts and other hoax.


  1. You need to be well versed in developing new strategies, reviewing the standards  according to the Company requirements.
  2. Your role is basically to mentor architects to implemented the IT strategies such as Cloud computing and Application integration etc.
  3. You need to implement certain architectural standards for the company and your role will be mainly to mentor architects.

Overall the individual must be an excellent team player with creativity and knowledge about IT and Applications  systems integration to evolve new methodologies for the company. This is an important role that will take the company performance to the next level.