Software Engineer Skills and Responsibilities

Who is a Software Engineer:

A Software engineer  is a person responsible  for the effective operation, maintenance and up-gradation of business software’s used in organizations for effective business solutions.

Qualification and Skills:

A Software engineer must have a relevant BTEC or HND  in any field such as computer science,information technology,software dvpmt, software engineering, programming etc or any IT related postgraduate studies with working knowledge of  key  languages of programming such as  C++, javascript,VB,Oracle,UML,Linux,Python, Unix, XML, HTTP,Smalltalk,Other software testing tools etc.

The Key skills required are (a) Creative Problem solving approach (b) Excellent knowledge and understanding of  CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools (c) Excellent interpersonal skills (d) Respect to confidentiality of datas (e) Ability to thrive under pressure and to be part of  good team working capacity (f) Focused at work  during long work hours and a good eyesight.


Programming computer controls, Working with business analyst to develop project implementation and develop plans including user interfaces, Modifying IT systems already in use, Writing documentation,Developing Coding and debugging across a variety of products,  Testing new Software’s for compatibility with other existing software’s, Fixing any technical problems while testing, Designing, prototyping and implementing graphical user interfaces, etc. varying on the organizational requirements from country to country.