Duties and responsibilities of an IT software project manager

IT is a field of opportunity and its boundaries are spread across the world, IT industry is one of most competitive and profitable industry around the world. Clients expect their deliverables on time with good quality aligning with client requirements. Most of the IT companies need Project manager to take care of the project and make sure the project is delivered on time and ensure client satisfaction.

General Duties of  IT Software project Manager

Project manager is the person who completely takes care of the planning of the project starting from learning the requirements from the client to successful end delivery of the project.

IT project manager must do a great co-ordination job between clients and his sub ordinates in the company to get a successful outcome of the project ensuring utmost client satisfaction.

Planning of resources, time and what technology should be used to deliver will be decided by the IT project manager, provided technology part is not specified by the client.

Responsibilities of an IT Software project Manager

  • Prime most responsibility is to ensure proper delivery of the project with high level of quality and on time.
  • Documentation of client requirements and translate them into design specifications.
  • Preparing Time and work estimate for the project.
  • Plan the project meticulously and communicate the number of working hours for the project according to the resources and the technology available.
  • Testing of any project is very important, bugs after the delivery of the project will not make the client happy, and before that an IT project manager has the responsibility to check whether everything is functioning well without any bugs.

Minimum Skill requirements for this job

Candidates applying for this job must have at least 4 to 6 years of experience in Information technology field, worked and handled several complex projects. Job applicants must have a professional degree in IT.