Staff Accountant Skills and Duties

Overview of the job:

This job is  a Highly paying  new business , booming on the accounting sector for providing accounting and book keeping services to the clients. The staff accountant will coordinate with Directors and  Controllers of the firm in providing  outstanding  client service. This job well suits for accountants having more than 3 years of experience in maintenance of public accounts.

Skills Expected:

The staff accountant position is responsible for maintaining accounts  of all the clients of  family office, to coordinate services delivered of the family office with overall administration and maintenance of family office accounts .  The persons who are familiar with accounting and book keeping  softwares, excellent accounting and taxation knowledge with a fair knowledge of capital account maintenance of a partnership entity. The person should also possess good interpersonal skills,creative and flexible approach towards problem solving.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain accounting records for clients of the family office such as general journal records,cash accounts,bill payments and receipts, monthly account reconciliation.
  • Prepare and maintain  balance sheets, income statements, cash flow and fund flow analysis  for the clients of the family office.
  • Maintain accounts for family office related entities.
  • Assist in tax calculations, establishing operating (standard) procedures, development and maintaining of internal controls.
  • Help in maintenance of a document retention system.