Strategic Pricing analyst responsibilities | Job requirements of Strategic Pricing analyst

Strategic pricing analyst is an interesting job, where you will have the responsibility to determine the pricing on evaluating various factors. We will now see what are the possible responsibilities you need to have in executing this job.

Responsibilities of  a Strategic Pricing analyst.

  • Analyze  and find competitive products and match them with the company existing product to determine the price.  Must be well verse in doing competitive analysis.
  • Pricing analyst must able weigh other competitive products and do cause and effect formula in determining the price
  • Responsible for the implementation and designing of tools for the product managers for making presentations about the quality and value of the product.
  • Constantly and timely update with reports on changing buyers behavior, economic changes, customer feedback  etc., to the company.
  • Communicate how a price is performing for a particular product , report timely and periodically of how pricing helps in creating more demand for the product.
  • Find and analysis buying trends, customer sentiments and report it frequently to the company.
  • Responsible for creating new pricing options and recommend it to the company.

These are the general responsibilities of a Strategic Pricing analyst, overall Strategic pricing analyst must support the company on all pricing decision, provide frequent recommendations, report about the pricing changes, economic factors, buyer sentiments etc.

General Qualifications of a Strategic Pricing analyst

Bachelor degree is enough for this job, but the candidate must have at least 2 years of experience in product oriented industry, must be well versed in doing competitive analysis and should have adequate knowledge about the pricing factors, customer sentiments, buyers trend and economic factors.