Job description about Tax Advisor

Tax advisor is the one who has to suggest or provide advice to his/her client for their efficient taxation. They are like a mediator between the government and the public in providing support about the taxes and its regulations. It’s a consultancy job in advising about the tax liabilities and the plans to overcome it.

Qualities and Responsibilities of a Tax Advisor:

  • A Tax Advisor should have a good command over his mode of language through which he/she communicates with their customer.
  • They should have updated knowledge about the legislation and its consequences. Constant touch with the client is essential for better planning of tax payment.
  • They have a challenging task of conveying things about rules and regulations in simple language which a normal citizen can understand.
  • Tax strategies should be made for the clients in order to provide best taxation with all aspects.
  • Reviewing the Financial bills of the customers to calculate their tax charges is one of the duties.
  • Informing the Deadline for tax payments also comes under their responsibilities.
  • Have to do Research in effective Tax reduction making clients comfortable in paying it earlier.
  • They should be fair in their work ethic providing tax payment support for more customers all at a time.
  • They also can suggest tax policies to the government if they have done enough research regarding that.
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Aspirants looking forward for this job should posses the above qualities to be successful.

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