Duties of technical support specialist

This Job is for the experienced people  in the field of customer support /client care who has adequate knowledge on the field of engineery to do to the technical suppport.

Job duties of Technical Support Specialist

  1. This is a highly paid pressure job individuals must have enough patience and proper understanding of the job and able to perform well under intense pressure.
  2. Individuals applying for this job must have the necessary qualification to provide support for external customer and able to answer technical questions with ease.
  3. Ability to interact and co-ordinate between the Helpdesk, local service and Dispatch section.
  4. Due to the nature of the job, working hours is not fixed you might be working in shifts you have to be ready to work flexible hours.
  5. Good customer management skills and work according to client/customers needs is very important to the job.
  6. Service visits should be maintained properly and complete information about the technical issues faced while doing that service/ solution adapted for solving it these kinds of details must be stored in an electronic format.
  7. Responsibility to report to the higher authority on any customer dissatisfaction complaints, or any internal incidents. Responsible to find out any safety related issues.
  8. Ability to train people effectively.
  9. Responsibility to process service documentation and report it to the immediate authority promptly on a timely basis.
  10. To obey company policies and complete the task.
  11. Ability to give a helping hand to other product engineering groups in the company and helping them in product design changes.
  12. Must be familiar with spare parts ordering procedures and find out any alternatives for the customer/clients requirement.