Ten Common Interview Questions for a Job

Nowadays, getting a good job is really a tough job, if you take for each job opening, there are 100’s of applicants  applying for that job, to succeed in an interview you should have good communication skills , interpersonal skills and also answering skills. It will be an added advantage if you know what are the common interview questions you will be asked and how to prepare it.

Ten Common Interview Questions List

  1. 1. Foremost question they will ask this question “Tell something about yourself” they ask this question to know about your family, interests, attitude, etc.
  2. 2. Give me a brief about this company And why you have applied here for the job.
  3. What is the role you played in the previous company Explain about previous job?
  4. How was your previous job experience? Why you want to leave that company and join here?
  5. They will ask whether you have any related experience related to the products and services of this company.
  6. How confident are you in the following subjects that you have mentioned in your Resume?
  7. What is your strength and what is your weakness?
  8. How do you rate yourself in a scale of 10 on dealing with the current products/services our company is dealing with?
  9. What is your expected salary?
  10. You work for career development or Money or both?

These are the common interview questions they will ask in the event of an interview you need to be confident and your body language will show everything, so be bold and all the best for getting a good job in a good company.