Things to follow on your first interview |Successful in your first interview

First interview is always a nervous thing but it all depends on the mind how your prepare yourself for the interview, it is totally a new atmosphere a set of people will be sitting opposite to you and will be asking questions.

Things  to follow on your first Interview

  • You need to go before the schedule time of interview , do not go to the interview late. Make sure you be there before 10 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Wear a tie and Iron the shirt properly interviewers  should not see any wrinkles on the dress it should be neat and professional, dressing code is always a must  wear shoes.
  • When you are called inside the interview room do not go directly , knock the door and ask for permission to come inside.
  • Do not sit until they say , if you do that then they will think that you do not know manners. Shake hands will all of them and then take your position.
  • Sit on a proper position , keep the back straight and keep the hands on the table , its better you keep the hands on your lap.
  • Listen to the questions and answer perfectly to the point.
  • Always show a positive attitude on learning new things and do not blink on anything. Always be confident.
  • Keep your resume, certificates in a proper order so that the interviewer can view it easily.

If you follow the tips then you are mostly likely to be successful in  your first interview.