Top Five Differences between IT Helpdesk Support and Service Desk Support

Top five Difference of IT Helpdesk vs Service Desk


Many people especially recruiters confused about sourcing candidates for  Helpdesk and Service desk positions, they think both are one, but there are a significant difference in the nature of their job. In this article, we are going to see the difference of Helpdesk support and Service desk support.


Difference # 1

Helpdesk is focused on addressing and resolving the IT Issues and technical support it deals with customer needs.  Whereas the Service desk focuses on business needs.


Difference # 2

IT Helpdesk more of a customer-centric and service desk is business-centric. IT helpdesk focuses on resolving and troubleshooting IT issues, Service desk focuses on dealing with incidents and requests.


Difference # 3

Helpdesk is more focused on resolving problems on Technical support and can be a great add-on for any organization, but the service desk is more focused on helping the clients. For example, an organization develops software and sells it to many clients, those clients require support, and service desk focuses on giving support based on ticketing with Incident or request basis.


Difference # 4

Helpdesk support mostly plays an important role within the organization addressing the IT issues and provides support to the organization process for their product and services, basically to address their questions, troubleshooting IT issues and providing them the solutions. Whereas Service desk providing them complete support, typically companies who are committed to providing support for their software will implement service desk for resolving issues that are raised by their clients on Incident basis

Difference #5

Typical activity comparison of IT Helpdesk and Service Desk Support
Helpdesk activities

  • Working closely with customers and resolve their problems
  • Keeping records of customer tickets
  • Developing help documentation for customers or employees to resolve their problems by themselves.
  • Overall dealing only with IT issues and troubleshooting them based on their requests using ticketing system.

IT service desk Activities

  • IT service desk is one step ahead of Helpdesk support it manages Incidents arising from the clients like service requests disruption in the tasks like outages.
  • Provides Single point of contact between the Service provider and the clients.
  • Service desk extends its service to even ON boarding employees and meeting the SLA ( service level agreements)
  • A comprehensive way of tracking and reporting.
  • Metrics Management
  • Service Monitoring and Business continuity management(BCM)