Top Five Duties of an ETL Developer

Role of an ETL developer is vital to any organization as data analytics is the key to determine success of any organization.. ETL stands for “Extract , Transform and “Load”. If you want to understand ETL by simple terms, the core data has to be extracted from your existing business process , transformation occurs when you set rules or when you merge two datasets and load refers to the process of loading into the Data warehousing environment.

ETL developer has to write code and participate in the entire process starting from gathering the requirement, designing the storage system, helping them in testing the environment and also support after it is moved to production. Let us go and find out the top six duties of an ETL developer.

ETL Developer Duties #1

First and foremost duty of an ETL developer is to design a data storage system by analyzing and understanding the needs of the business. Developer has to write ETL specified scripts to extract the data from the business process. Then develop data warehousing environment that aligns with the data storage system.

ETL Developer Duties # 2

Next duty is to create ETL mappings, sessions and workflows. ETL developer duty is to create a high level of data mapping document that contains the source of target data and must include the primary key of all the tables.  Help the development team to maintain and protect all the data sources.

ETL Developer Duties # 3

After setting up the data storage system the one of the most important duty is to assist the Quality assurance on testing in order to make it a perfect system. He or she must perform unit testing and assist to QA.

ETL developer Duties # 4

Developer has to do complete data analysis and check for data quality issues and fix it. Developer has to write code and mark the errors for the reporting requirements.

ETL developer Duties # 5

After the process is moved into the production, ETL developer has to support the production unit.  As an ETL developer you need to co-ordinate with the development team in order to achieve greater success.