Top Five Qualities of a ReactJs Developer

Top five qualities of a ReactJs Developer

What is ReactJs?

ReactJs is one of the fastest-growing and popular JavaScript frameworks that help us to build user interfaces in web applications that are faster, low weight and gives high performance.  React is getting more and more popular because of the responsiveness, fast-loading web applications depend on react, it is believed to be the future to build fast and responsive web applications. As per the statistics more developers are now using ReactJs over other like Angular Js. Top corporations like Facebook, Uber, Instagram are using ReactJs in their applications.

Quality #1 – ReactJs Developer -Best use of the Features

Ability to write coding inside applications, React Js brings you with the advantage of writing code inside your applications, a ReactJs developers must develop and able to deliver robust and reusable ReactJs Components. The developer must use React JSX Feature wisely to build new UI Features on the application.

Quality #2 – ReactJs Developer – High performance applications

Good quality of a ReactJs Native developer is to develop applications that are low latency and high performance.  Using all the key features such as JSX, Virtual DOM and one-way data binding to developer faster loading applications.

Quality # 3 – ReactJs Developer – Strong in Testing

Must be strong in Javascript, Ability to write code, develop a re-usable component using ReactJs and be professional to do testing and do documentation and structuring the code.

Quality #4 – ReactJs Developer – Redux is important

Redux comes as a part and parcel of a ReactJs Developer. Redux help the developer to manage applications. Experience and Knowledge of Redux is a must.

Quality #5 – ReactJs Developer – General skills

Communication skills are a must in a development environment, need to coordinate with the team leads or project manages about the project. Problem-solving is very important because when you develop applications you might come across hurdles, you need to know how to resolve and move ahead.

Finally, ReactJs developer must be strong in developing Reusable UI components, strong in Redux, ability to test, Document and develop new UI features. This job has got a great demand in the industry.  If you are a full-stack developer, you need to concentrate more on ReactJs.