Top five Responsibilities of a Certified Surgical Technician

This job is one of the high demand jobs in the medical industry. This job has a key and sensitive role in assisting the doctors during surgeries. Surgical Technician will have to make the surgical room / Intensive care unit ready, get all the necessary equipment that is required for a surgery.  There is a high demand for Surgical technicians who had certification from an approved certification program.

Average salary for this Job

Average salary of a surgical technician is about $1043 per week on a year ranges up to 46 to 52K a year.  Source:

Responsibilities of a Certified Surgical Technician

1 . Surgical technician must work in align with the standards of AORN ( Association of Preoperative Registered Nurses)

  1. Surgical Technician is responsible for managing the inventories of surgical equipment starting from needles, Injections, medicines to big medical equipment which are necessary for the doctor to perform the surgical process successfully.
  2. Surgical Technician has the biggest responsibility in making the operation room ready with all the necessary items to help the doctor during the surgical process.
  3. Ability to plan the activities during the surgery and assembling complex mechanical devices for the operation.
  4. Surgical Technician is responsible to assist the Doctor and give 100% support while doing the surgery.

Surgical technician must have knowledge of surgical instrumentation and also understanding the operative pathology, complications and preoperative diagnosis for the surgical procedures.

Technician must have strong awareness and knowledge about the upcoming new products, procedures and surgical techniques. Roles and responsibilities of doing things will vary according to each department.

Skills required for this job

  1. High school diploma or equivalent is fine
  2. Completed the certification from an accredited surgical program.
  3. Some hospitals might ask Registered Nurses for BLS ( Basic Life support certification) and ACLS Certification.

This is a high demanding one who has the certification and experience can do really well on these qualifications.

This job description of surgical technician can vary according to each country. This description 100% suits for surgical technicians who are working in United States. If you feel this article as useful please share.