Top Five Skills and Responsibilities of a Front end UI Developer

Front end user interface is as important as the back end design, all the search engines are insisting on user experience and this can be given only by a good  Front end UI Developer. This article explains about the top five roles and responsibilities of a Front end UI Developer.

1st  – Understanding of Crosss Browser Compatibility

Strong understanding of cross browser compatibility and troubleshooting is the basics of a good UI Developer, whatever you create must have to be visually viewed properly by the users on all devices. Knowledge and experience of working with W3C Standards is a must. It is important to have a strong understanding with the browser issues.

2nd – Strong foundation with UI Technologies

Must be strong with the basics of HTML, HTML5 , CSS and jQuery. These above languages are the foundations to become a Front end UI Developer.

3rd – From Visual to coding

UI developer has to develop the visual design, it is important to bring the same visual design to coding and make it live as it was being shown as a Picture using Photoshop or some designing tools.

4th – Getting on top of Full stack

Those days we used to develop web pages using Html, CSS and with the help of Photoshop we could able to do a great design, Nowadays new full stack technologies such as React, Node and Angular Js revolutionize the world of front end development. You need to have strong coding knowledge on these full stack topics.

5th – User experience

Front end UI developer must be visually creative and also do the coding which brings a great UI experience to the users. Choosing proper graphics and color combinations will help a great way to enhance the user experience. Whether it is web software or a normal web page, User experience is very important.