Top List of Job duties for Inside Sales Representative

An inside sales representative stays within a sale office and sells product over phone to the customers with provided list of contact details.

  • ISR plays a significant role in any kind of manufacturing industry or wholesale markets.
  • A representative illustrates and explains about any kind of products manufactured by the industry to the customers.
  • An inside sales representative may have to demonstrate the process and usage of the product and provide customers a clear view of the product.

Top List of Job duties for Inside Sales Representative

  • Have to make calls and communicate with customers to sell products
  • Have to fulfill customer’s queries over phone and maintain email to follow up contacts, sales and quires.
  • Maintain daily, weekly report in professional manner.
  • Apart from contacting previous customers will have to reach out for new customers.
  • Maintain professional relationship with every customer.
  • Attend sales meetings, take orders, test products and negotiate price.
  • Must have to follow the company rules and also perform any other assigned task.

ISR job requirements:

  • Most of the inside sales representative job requires high school diploma and may need any related degree for some kind of ISR job.
  • Must be capable of convincing customers and possess a proficient communication skill.
  • Knowledge in basic computer, internet, office and related web applications

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, ISR is a person who helps in company’s growth and who chooses this career will have to spend most of the working hours over phone selling products.