Top Seven Skills for a QA Automation Engineer in the Software Industry

QA Automation engineer basically means  Quality Assurance Automation engineers who test the Websites, Software and now on to Mobile applications.  In IT industry these QA engineers must have to be equipped with some kind of programming skills and an understanding towards the software development in order to test on any software applications.

Qualities of a QA Automation Engineer

  • Knowledge of Programming skills and it depends upon the environment the client is working at it.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills ability to find errors and mistakes by testing and executing the scripts.
  • Communication between the software development team and the managers is a priority for this job. This will help in order to understand certain functionalities and test as per the application.
  • Knowledge of Mobile operating systems such as Android and iPhone.

Top Seven Skills required for getting a QA Automation Job

  1. Experience building automation test framework for each application.
  2. Experience with the following programming languages such as Java, C,C++, Python, Perl, XML, Html and CSS.
  1. Experience in all types of functional, structural, regression and system testing  will help a lot in doing the job.
  1. Experience with Selenium and Selenium web drivers.
  1. Exposure working with Agile / Scrum methodologies is a plus for this job.
  1. Load Testing, Unit testing and Performance testing are a must for this job.
  1. Experience working with JIRA is an added advantage.

There are few more skills, but these are the generic top seven skills for the QA Automation Engineer Job.