Top Ten important duties of a Manufacturing engineer

Manufacturing engineer is a technical job where you need to put your experience and knowledge in optimization of the organization in areas such as materials, machinery, methodologies, measurements and processes.

Manufacturing engineer will  normally work with the two departments namely production and engineering departments. Your basic duty is to improve the production efficiency and also save cost as much as possible to the organization/company. It is a job for experienced . Only people who are having patience, knowledge and experience can excel into great heights.

Top Ten important duties of a Manufacturing engineer

  • Manufacturing engineer must basically have knowledge on engineering processes. Basic duty is to improve the production efficiency a manufacturing engineer must provide training to other workers who are in the production department of the organization.
  • Complete end to end planning, direction and co-ordination of all the manufacturing processes  is one of the important duties of  a Manufacturing engineer.
  • Evaluate and suggest recommendations on the manufacturing quality control processes, types of manufacturing methods to be adopted, list of processes to be followed, tooling and suggest fixturing.
  • Manufacturing engineer should spend time on research about the tools, methodologies and processes and find out solutions to improve production efficiency and report the findings to the organization.
  • Manufacturing engineer has the duty to calculate the workspace requirements and should design strategies to utilize the workspace effectively.
  • Manufacturing engineer must calculate the production cost, time involved, existing production resources, human resources and do a proper estimate and recommend it to the organization and also estimate upcoming manufacturing requirements and help the management to take right decisions.
  • Estimate the number of production personnel for a project, calculate the time involved and related costs for doing the project, clearly provide direction, training to the production personnel about the work flow, create a layout about the equipments in order to get higher level of production efficiency.
  • Research and create new methods of manufacturing  processes and recommend the organization to achieve maximum production capacity and efficiency.
  • Manufacturing engineer must analyze the manufacturing methods, production processes and also the production schedule involved in delivering the project. Get all these details and submit to the management with statistical data which  in turn  help management to clearly identify the future requirements of manufacturing.

Manufacturing engineer duties might change according to each company, country and this is just a general information about the duties of a manufacturing engineer.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only.