Top Three Responsibilities of a Certified Pharmacy Technician

pharmatechA certified pharmacy technician is a person who does not have a pharmacist’s degree but has been certified to work in a pharmacy under the supervision of a pharmacist. While there are pharmacy technicians who have not undergone any certification, a certified pharmacy technician is given a much higher salary and role than a person without any prior training. A certified pharmacy technician is generally employed by hospitals and primary healthcare organizations.

Certified Pharmacy Technician – Top Three Responsibilities below

  Responsibility # 1 –  Performing Routine Pharmaceutical Functions

A certified pharmacy technician helps a licensed pharmacist in formulating and labelling the drugs in the store. He/She also helps in delivering and dispensing medicines at the counter and elsewhere. A certified pharmacy technician will also additionally have to keep track of the medicines being dispensed and alert the pharmacist or the doctor in case of any mistaken drug prescription. He/She has to maintain an inventory of the tablets, syrups and other chemicals which are being bought and sold in the store.

 Responsibility # 2 –  Handle Patient’s Medication

It is usually the responsibility of any certified pharmacy technician to formulate any patient’s prescription based on the one given by the doctor. Further he/she has to label the dosages prescribed. If a particular drug is not available, it is usually the certified pharmacy technician who provides a drug with the same compounds or place order for it from the whole sale suppliers. Additionally, the pharmacy technician is expected to interact with the patients and enlighten them about all the drug dosages and administering times.

Responsibility # 3 –  Coordinate and Supervise

In most of the stores, a pharmacist delegates the job of coordinating with pharma companies to a good certified pharmacy technician. He/she is expected to coordinate with whole suppliers to not only buy drugs but to also let the suppliers know of a drug’s side effects and associated risks. The customer’s feedback about a drug is usually conveyed to the companies by the pharmacy technician. He/She is also expected to supervise the logistics involved in the replenishing of the drug store and is also involved in the day today management of allied dispensaries.

On the whole, the role of a certified pharmacy technician is almost equivalent to that of a pharmacist. Apart from indirectly aiding people in curing their ailments and diseases, the job brings in a lot of dignity and respect.