Two Main Skills and Two Important Responsibilities of an Application Analyst

The role of an Application Analyst usually begins when a project is about 75% complete. As the name suggests, an application analyst has to explore any application developed by the company and help in improvising its functionality and user interface. Here are the two main skills required and two important responsibilities of an application analyst:

 Responsibility # 1 –  Analysis and Review

Application Analyst has the major responsibility of performing a detailed check of the data bases, data records, reports, technical workflows and other software related functionalities of the products developed.  He/she also has to review the product from not just a technical perspective but also from the end user’s perspective. The application analyst has to ensure that the developed application has been designed to meet the customer’s requirements.

Responsibility # 2 –  Communicate and Coordinate

Application Analyst not only interacts with the technical team but also interfaces with the client end. The onus is on the application analyst to figure out the technical and non technical issues faced by the customer while using the application designed by his/her company. He/She must communicate the challenges faced at the client’s end to the technical team and help the technical team redesign the application.

 Skill # 1 –  Decision Making, Analytical and Programming

Applications Analyst should have strong decision making skills because he/she will be faced with a multitude of choices from which he/she has to choose the best fit. Further he/she must undertake to individually seek data about the specific needs of the end users which should be incorporated in the application which is being built.

Application analyst should be able to analyze the data collected by his/her study and be able to come out with inferences based on the analysis. An applications analyst should also have sufficient programming knowledge in order to check if the technicalities incorporated in the application are not erroneous.

Skill # 2 –  People Management

People Management should be one key skill that an application analyst must possess.. The application analyst has to deal with people from both the company’s end and the user’s end. So he/she must have the ability to address the issues at both the ends and should ensure the successful completion of the design of the required application.

It can be said that an Application Analyst has a dual role and is the key interface of the company with the client. A good application analyst would be able to fine tune an application to the customer’s needs without ruffling any feathers at his/her company’s end too.