Scope and educational requirement of Vocational Counselor

Counselor is an individual who has the responsibility of advising his clients/aspirants regarding their career counseling and also suggests the best among the choices with respect to their potential and talent in order to make them shine in that particular field.

Counseling is a dutiful job, and it needs a lot of patience in hearing the candidate’s perspectives with a view to find an effective solution. Counseling not only relates to careering, but it also means advice/guidance for personal life   and issues too. Counselors are adopted in various fields like educational institutions, private firms, hospitals, etc.

Vocational Counselors are those who were otherwise called as employment counselors, in the sense that they act as the mediator between an employer and an applicant who is willing to be employed.

Responsibilities of a Vocational Counselor:

  • They need to interview the applicant to know their personality, educational qualification, aptitude knowledge and their area of interests.
  •   They should guide the candidate regarding the skills expected for the post which they are looking for.
  •   They have to make the candidate discover his/her true potential.
  •   They need to provide training for their clients to build them for a job.
  •    They must instill the positive thinking in every single individual undergoing counseling with them.
  •   Market competition and expectation should be taught to the clients so that they can shape them up accordingly.
  •   They can refer the candidates to a company HR after the completion of counseling.

Scope of Vocational Counselors:

Vocational Counselors can find immediate jobs in educational institution and social service providing firms. They acquire an administrative role in such firms. They can also go for a government institute as public service providers.

The educational Requirements:

At least they should have completed their Bachelor Degree in social work and sociology or any other course. They should have a good command over the spoken as well as written communication.