Job description of Warehouse Inventory Control Supervisor

Working in a warehouse inventory needs real experience and this is job for people who have medium qualification like a Bachelor’s degree. Let us go to the duties of Inventory control supervisor.

General job description of  Warehouse Inventory control supervisor

  • Must have knowledge and experience on how to manage the inventory functions.
  • Individual should have at least 3-5 years of experience in warehouse inventory control.
  • Must able to carry out different tasks of different nature and able to submit 5-6 reports on different factors
  • Must have computer knowledge at least Microsoft office, and should have excellent knowledge in working with Microsoft Excel to work and get results from complex data.
  • Warehouse Inventory control supervisor by nature it is a multi tasking job, individuals who apply for this job must be dynamic and quick in making decisions.
  • Data reporting  and finding out problems in the data and solving it is the major job responsibility  that a warehouse Inventory control supervisor has to do on a daily basis.

Qualities / Eligibilities to become a Warehouse Inventory Control Supervisor

  • By Nature you need to work with many people, it will be a fast paced work environment .
  • Good communication skills is very necessary to get the job done from your sub ordinates and effective interpersonal skills required  to make a good relation with other employees and with customers/clients.
  • Nature of job is multi tasking, definitely a person applying for warehouse Inventory Control supervisor job should have the ability to do and complete tasks that require multi tasking.
  • Record keeping is also a important responsibility for individual working as a  warehouse Inventory control supervisor.
  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting will be sufficient for this job and if you want to get appointed in big companies you need at least 3-4 years of experience.

These are the general eligibility and list of responsibilities for Warehouse inventory control supervisor , the job description will certainly change according to each company and industry.