Art of Captivating Interviewers and Winning Interviews

This article will well suit all interviews in general. At  the same time , your resume makes it through the heavy piles of resumes to the company which you dreamt to be  the place of your great career life, there also exist a pressure on your mind to win it all for you. But here is all the simple steps or tips to make your dreams come easy.

Essentials Before attending the Interview:

1)      Make yourself familiar about  the basic and most common interview questions such as “tell me about yourself”, and all  the dozy questions like “ whats your worst quality?”. The apt way to answer these questions are to make  an assessment of your skills and your past career path with perspective to the  current position for which you are interviewed.

2)      Think and be prepared about atleast  2 to 5 business accomplishments and practice tersely communicating the challenges and outcomes of each accomplishments.

3)      Prepare  some appropriate questions that you would think would be asked in the interview by doing a brief analysis of the company and the market in which it operates.

On the Interview day:

1)      Dress yourself in neat, formal attire and arrive in time.

2)      Carry a good briefcase with all your detailed certificates and appreciations.

3)      Begin with a strong handshake and speak confidently even if you feel nervous.

4)      Refrain from talking continuously without giving space to listen the interviewers words.

5)      Avoid saying negative things.

6)      Pay attention to all gestures or the non verbal signals of both the interviewer and yourself.

7)      Do take a moment to think if you don’t know any answer spontaneously.

8)      Never bring the topic of  money  by yourself. Let it be the interviewer who talks of it first.


After the Interview is Over:

Say thank you  or give them any mementos  meaning  “Thank You” and  do a follow up check with the HR  for the status of your offer.